Hairstroke Brows: £350
Combination Brows: £350
Powder Brows: £350

Brow Colour Boost*:
Under 12 months: £125
12 -18 months: £199
2nd top-up: £75

*Only for Karen's previous work, covering other artists work is full price.

Lip Liner with whipped blend: £325
Full lip blush/perfecting lip shape: £375

Colour Boost within 18 months £225

Invisible eyeliner top and bottom: £325
Baby Eyeliner Top: £350
smokey/Baby Eyeliner with flick: £375

Under eyeliner £199
Add bottom eyeliner with top for additional  £60

Colour Boost 
Under 12 months: £125

12-18 months: £199

Scalp Micropigmentation:  From £200

Price on Consultation, starting at £200

Faux Freckles: From £150

Beauty spot: £99

While excessive sun exposure can cause serious skin damage, faux freckles are the semi-permanent option to get you looking constantly sun-kissed. 

All initial Permanent Makeup prices include a 4-8 week top up


LVL Lashes: £45
Original Lash Lift, Volume and Length
by Nouveau Lashes


Standard Dermaplaning: £55

includes: double cleanse, tone, dermaplane, moisturise and sunscreen 60mins

Super-Delux Dermaplane & LED: £85

Includes: double cleanse, tone, dermaplane, exfoliate, serum, face and hand massage, moisturiser, sunscreen and LED light therapy. 90 mins

Deluxe Dermaplaning: £70

Includes: double cleanse, tone, dermaplane, exfoliate, serum, face massage, moisturise, sunscreen 75 mins

Initial LED 5 Weekly Sessions: £260

Includes: super-deluxe dermaplaning facial week one, followed by 3 weeks of super deluxe facials, minus dermaplaning and a final super deluxe dermaplaning LED facial.

(Only for initial introduction to the treatment)


30 mins LED Facial: £40 each

30 mins LED Facial (including cleanse, tone, 20 mins LED, moisturise sun protection)

Package course of 6: £180

Course of 6 x 30 minutes (1-2 per week)

£30 each session, a saving of £60.

Super LED Facial: £65 each
45 mins Super LED Facial (including double cleanse, tone, 30 mins LED, Serums, Moisturise, Sun protection).


Single Targeted Mesotherapy
Microneedling treatment: £135


Gift vouchers are available for all of Karen Harvey-Conran's treatments, to enquire today, please click below.

Package course of 3: £360


Package course of 6: £750