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Permanent Jewellery

I'm so excited to introduce permanent , seamless, claspless welded bespoke jewellery to my Clinic. 


Book an appointment to have a seamless welded bracelet, anklet or necklace custom made. Whether it's for yourself or having a matching one with your loved ones - create memories to last forever at Karen Harvey-Conran.

What if I need to remove my jewellery?

No problem! You can easily cut off your permanent jewellery. Cut it at the ring it was welded, and we can weld it back on for you.

Can I wear my jewellery through the airport?

Yes! We haven't experienced any problems with the jewellery.

How long does it last?


Your permanent jewellery will last months to years, depending on the chain material, the products you use, and your life style.

What about an MRI?

You may need to remove jewellery before an MRI or XRay. If your Dr requires you to remove it, see earlier  question about removing it.

How to care for your  jewellery

  • avoid contact with chemicals

  • avoid lotions, oils, perfumes

  • wash regularly in the shower with fragrance free soap

  • rinse immediately after swimming in the sea/pool or working out

How does it work?

By using our mini welding machine, we are able to fuse the jewellery onto your selected location. Essentially a flash will occur from our welding machine. you can wear safety glasses or simply look away. 


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