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Non Surgical Boob Lift

Can lift and increase breast size for C cups and below.

Blue Sportswear
Blue Sportswear

Non Surgical Boob Lift £199

This treatment is effective and safe in reducing sagginess in the breast and the surrounding tissue. During this session, the medical grade laser hand piece is manoeuvred over the chest and breast area, emitting a micro beam wavelength which activates the nerves within the breast. This process increases blood pressure in the capillaries, promotes mirco circulation, thickens the connective tissue, and encourages the breast cells to enlarge. It also tightens the collagen fibres causing the skin to lift.

* With ALL laser treatments, a consultation and patch test will need to be had 24-72 hours prior to any treatment being done.

£20 non refundable fee for this is charged to cover costs, which would then be deducted from your first appointment, if it goes ahead.

*Its is recommend to have a course of treatments for maximum results.

*Buy a course of any 5 session and get the 6th treatment for free

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