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Radio Frequency Body Contouring

Radio frequency body contouring with our medical grade machine is also called skin tightening. RF body contouring tightens the skin, removes fat and improves tone without any downtime or pain at all. This pain free procedure reduces cellulite, boosts collagen production and gets rid of fatty deposits that fail to go with exercise.

Hands on Stomach

Skin Tightening using Radiofrequency for Bingo Wings and Tummy - £199

This is a nonsurgical method of tightening your skin.

The procedure involves using energy waves to heat the deep layer of your skin known as your dermis. This heat stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen is the most common protein in your body. It creates the framework of your skin and gives your skin its firmness. Radiofrequency Skin Tightening, shapes, lifts, firms, re-models and contours key areas of the body. Great for Bingo Wings and Tummy Tightening.

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Cellulite Reduction
From £199

Our High Definition Anti Cellulite Reduction Treatment uses radio frequencies to actively combat unwanted cellulite. The cellulite treatment is used to improve blood and lymphatic circulation throughout the body, help decrease discomfort from oedema (water retention) and improve skin elasticity.


It is recommend to have a course of treatments for maximum results"

Buy a course 6 session for £750

Woman with Hand on Face
Woman with Hand on Face

Non Surgical Face Lift Rejuvenation

As we get older our natural production of collagen and elastin slows down, so we need to look for ways to help our body increase new collagen production to maintain a more youthful appearance. The heat of the Radio Frequency (RF) stimulates cells in the connective tissues causing the body to reproduce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


It is recommend to have a course of treatments for maximum results.


Buy a course 6 session for £650

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