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Ladies Laser Hair Removal


Upper Lip                                         £45.00

Chin                                                    £50.00

Side of face                                     £50.00

Neck                                                  £65.00

Body Full Leg                                £175.00

1/2 Leg                                             £130.00

Full Arm                                           £110.00

1/2 Arm                                           £65.00

Underarm                                       £65.00

Bikini Line                                       £65.00

Brazilian                                          £100.00

Hollywood                                      £110.00

Areola                                               £45.00

Navel Strip                                     £45.00

Hands/Fingers                            £45.00

Feet/Toes                                       £45.00

Laser Hair Removal

Complete Removal using our Medical Grade Machine

Throw out the razors, no more waxing, say hello to medical grade laser hair removal and enjoy the freedom of being ready at a moment's notice. E-light is one of the most advanced hair removal technology's. E-light laser hair removal is a reliable long term solution for removing facial or body hair. E-Light is a combination of IPL (intense pulsed light) and RF (Radio Frequency) together with skin contact cooling makes this technology pain free and will provide a more effective hair reduction compared to IPL alone. We also offer Super hair removal – as opposed to IPL (intense pulsed light), which is the most successful method of long-term hair removal. You can expect up to 90% hair removal in as little as six treatments.

*Prices for SHR on request

Mens Laser Hair Removal

Full Back                                     £150.00

Neck and Shoulders             £130.00

Chest                                           £125.00

Naked Hug
Underwar And Tank

Laser Hair Removal Combination Packages

Bikini and Underarms

Brazilian and Underarm

Hollywood and Underarms

1/2 Leg Bikini and Underarm

1/2 Leg  Brazilian and Underarm

1/2 Leg  Hollywood and Underarm

Lip and chin

Full Face









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