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About Karen

Karen, is a National multi award-winning permanent makeup artist based in Leigh on Sea. She found a passion for permanent makeup after having her own done, meaning she could save time and simply get up and go each day! That combined with her love for holidays as she  wanted her makeup to stay put!

Now she enjoys helping women and men feel better in themselves through semi permanent makeup treatments for permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, permanent lip blush, scalp micropigmentation, and faux freckles.

Whether that be because their brows are non-existent, thin from over-plucking or they want to be able to have smudge-proof, waterproof permanent makeup that enhances their features.

Karen creates a look that means her clients can then wake up ready to go, with minimum maintenance!

Her easily accessible clinic in Leigh on Sea is the ideal place to visit for all your semi permanent makeup needs.

Interesting fact about Karen.... before retraining in London with prestigious KB Pro, she was an Assistant Head Teacher! Now she has come full circle, working as a trainer with KB Pro a few days a month!


Karen trained with the prestigious KBPro (Karen Betts) in London. No one treatment Karen performs is ever the same, they are as individual as each and every one of her clients. Each client has different facial features, structure, and skin tone, which all influence the treatment in different ways.

Always eager to keep up with current trends, and is part of the PMU Circle which promotes ongoing training, advice and support for artists. She is constantly updating her skills with leading experts in the industry such as Courtney Stevens, Layla Hinchen, Monica Ivani, Traci Giles to name a few.

Karen's aim will always be to create a natural, flattering look for her clients. That may be for someone who desires something very subtle, or for others who may want a more pronounced look - all of which Karen will discuss thoroughly at your consultation.


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